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The Geopolitical Place of Belarus in Europe and the World. Paper edition

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The Geopolitical Place of Belarus in Europe and the World / Ed. by Valer Bulhakau — Warsaw: Wyższa Szkoła Handlu i Prawa im. Ryszarda Łazarskiego w Warszawie, 2006. — 240 p.
The materials from “The Geopolitical Place of Belarus in Europe and the World” conference are a collection of interpretations of socio-political activists and representatives of contemporary Belarusian culture, who took part in two days of roundtable debate and follow-up discussions. These materials will give readers, students, academics and ministry officials responsible for contacts with Belarus a chance to acquaint themselves with a wide range of interpretations concerning the current political, economic, social and cultural situation in the country currently dominated by Alaksandr Łukašenka. Even though no agreement exists among political scientists as to whether Łukašenka is Vladimir Putin’s obedient puppet or an independent player, Łukašenka’s control over the country is unquestionable.
ISBN 978-83-60694-03-9

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